Maud Konings

Painter relating to painting itself and the subjects of landscape, memories and the human figure.


Maud Konings is a 21 year old artist, who is currently studying Art & Research at St. Joost School of Art & Design in Breda, the Netherlands.

During a study-period of almost six months in Bergen, Norway in 2021, she fell in love with the endless nature the 7 surrounding mountains provided, and the figures moving through it every now and then. When she came back, she decided to still use those memories as a source of inspiration.


I am a painter relating to painting itself and the subjects of landscape, memories and the human figure.

Growing up in the countryside, in between villages, I am used to having space and to emerge in nature. It is quiet and free. You only meet more people, unknown people too, when you go to a village or the city. Playing outside, gaining experience there, was the norm. Gaining experience is still the norm. Nature still appeals to me, as do the people who occasionally move through my world.

Endless landscapes; the peace, the atmosphere, the emptiness, the silence. As if you and I are a little more human there than in other places. I want to bring you to memories like this when you look at my paintings,

as if you can travel within them.

I mostly use the canvasses in a non-traditional way, by cutting them apart and sewing pieces back together, which I stretch over a frame. By using traditional painting techniques, I prepare the canvas myself, as well as the paint, made from stones and pigment powder which create a new world of particles from up close. The classical recipes of painting techniques and art history thus open a door for me to relate to classical painting, without making the same kind of images. Instead, images in which the frame, the canvas and the paint start to exist as an almost sculptural entity.

Luca (fellow student): “Your process is actually super complicated.”

Bas (teacher): “Good crazy, and therefore idiosyncratic. It is a very illogical process that you are entering.”

Baba Görkem Yalim (guest teacher): “Your practice is about the figure and how it relates to its surroundings.” “You are painting, relating to painting itself.”

Stichting Idee-Fixe
student werkperiod
13 june 2022 – 19 june 2022

Kunst in Altena
group show: “Wie durft?”
30 september 2022 – 2 october 2022


Universiteit van Amsterdam
Chemistry, Materials and Techniques of Cultural Heritage Objects I
(part of minor Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Objects)
october 2022 – february 2023

St. Joost School of Art and Design
Art & Research (BA fine art)
september 2019 – current day

Fakultet for kunst, musikk og design (KMD) at Universitetet i Bergen (university of Bergen)
Fine art – painting
august 2021 – december 2021


Mediaplein Altena Net
Creativiteit vult en verfraait lege fabriekshal (link)


I am always open for inquiries, conversations, collaborations. Whatever you can think of, feel free to ask me!

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