Early Nightfall at Rundemanen, 2021

installation view

Maud started this work during her Erasmus exchange in Bergen, Norway. The city has 7 surrounding mountains, which she hiked every single one of. She fell in love with Rundemanen.

In questioning her relationship with the canvas, she brought the canvas with her on her second hike up to Rundemanen, and cut it into pieces after making just one small sketch. This way of working en plein air suited the weather conditions high up the mountain.

The canvas formed a temporary sculpture in the landscape, getting people’s attention for a few seconds as they hiked by.

The canvas she took back to the studio, to stretch it, to approach it as its initial use: a painting ground.

Learning some traditional techniques in the field of painting, enabled her to treat the canvas exactly in the way she wanted; to let the canvas stay visible as the fabric it is, and at the same time, still be able to paint over it with oil paint. Rabbit skin glue was the solution here.

The canvas, stretched, unprepared

Painting over it gave the picture the life she wanted to achieve. It depicts the landscape; the colours and shapes that she is now a bit homesick for sometimes.

Looking at this work, she feels proud, but also a little homesick, for the amazing study period in Norway, the beautiful landscape, and how much she learned there about her practice and about life in general.

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