Study I, 2023
cotton canvas, cotton yarn

Study II, 2023
cotton canvas, yarn

Installation view show “Wie Durft?”
30 sept. – 2 oct. 2022
Loonse en Drunense Duinen, 2022
2 times 125×145 cm
handprepared oil ground – linseed oil, handmade pigments from the Loonse and Drunense dunes (sand and charcoal), chalk, rabbit skin glue – on cotton canvas
Home, 2022
painting ground and oil paint made out of handmade pigments and linseed oil on handprepared cotton canvas
The Grounding of Figure to Earth, 2022
oil paint on handprepared cotton canvas
Untitled, 2022
performance by: Luca van de Laar
sculpture made in collaboration with Luca van de Laar
A series “At sea”, 2022
3x A3, 3x A4
egg tempera and aluminium foil on paper
Early Nightfall at Rundemanen, 2021
145×185 cm
oil paint and yarn on handprepared cotton canvas
Hideout, 2021
oilpaint on cotton canvas, with handprepared cotton canvas with oil paint sewn on it
oil paint on handprepared cotton canvas

Swimming in freezing cold water, 2021
soft pastel, gesso with acrylic paint, and oilpaint on cotton canvas
charcoal on paper
paper maché
Forest, 2021
gesso and acyrlic paint, cotton yarn, oil paint, on unprepared canvas
Figures, 2020
unprepared canvas, cotton yarn, iron wire
oil paint on canvas

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